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In the tradition of engineering Saxony, KMW Engineering can look back on 70 years of experience in mechanical engineering. New services and innovative technologies have emerged and are continuously evolving and expanding.

In 1999, we added window machinery to our portfolio, and it soon became a mainstay of the company. It also benefits from the innovations of our special engineering department. Tailored to the customer’s individual requirements, we design and manufacture complex production lines, which can be assembled and set up on 7,000m². Window manufacturing companies of any size appreciate this individual approach and KMW’s expertise.

Welding of a seamless foil finish

It all started in 2012 when KMW first introduced a method to colour the shadow groove automatically in the corner cleaner.

2016, the welding machine for a seamless foil finish followed. The process, which is patented by KMW, uses hydraulic units to generate a suitably high joining pressure, so that the resulting welding bead is removed flush and creates a seamless foil finish.

High standards were set when the welder was developed:

  • The common welding cycle shall be maintained, as almost all productions are based on a two-minute cycle, and even quick welding may be used for standard white elements.
  • No material is removed from the bars to be joined before heating. This results in excellent corner stability and breaking patterns.
  • Hinge drillings and machining of flying mullions are still possible with the corner cleaner.

KMW also patented a system in the welding machine that creates high joining pressure by hydraulic units, so that the welding bead is removed flush and a seamless film finish.

> Click here for the KMW YouTube video "Welding machine of a seamless foil finish".

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