About the Gütegemeinschaft

RAL Gütegemeinschaft Kunststoff-Fensterprofilsysteme e.V. (GKFP) seeks to uphold the quality and workmanship of PVC window profile systems. It awards the RAL quality mark to member companies whose products meet the requirements of the RAL-GZ 716 quality and test requirements. You can read the history of the Gütegemeinschaft in the commemorative publication marking its 40th anniversary.

The Gütegemeinschaft constantly reviews and develops the state of the art in order to face the challenges of the future.

The members of the association comprise

  • Systems houses
  • Manufacturers of gaskets
  • Manufacturers of raw materials
  • Manufacturers of films
  • Manufacturers of bonding systems
  • Manufacturers of machinery
  • Laminating contractors
  • Other partners along the value chain

An overview of companies can be found under Members.

Work and organisational structure

In numerous technical working groups and expert groups (AK/EK) the members of the Gütegemeinschaft discuss relevant technical questions with the experts of relevant expert groups. They work together to develop solutions for assuring and enhancing the high quality standard. Experience from users also flows into the quality assurance process.

At present the experts meet in the following committees:

  • Quality Committee: Adopts and monitors quality and test requirements.
  • System Technology: Coordinates technical issues relating to window systems within the industry.
    • System Technology is supported by expert groups covering glazing bonding, master data, reinforcements, connectors and cover profiles.
  • System Components: Addresses technical issues concerning the components used in the system.
    • System Components has many working groups that develop quality and test requirements (e.g. working groups on window and door profiles, raw materials, formulations and surface quality).

There are also cooperation arrangements:

  • System Technology industry group
  • Profiles/Fittings/Drives working group
  • Profile/Machines working group, etc.

In the System Technology industry group, for instance, representatives of the entire production chain address interdisciplinary issues related to PVC windows. Their findings flow into the quality and test requirements of the Gütegemeinschaft Kunststoff-Fensterprofilsysteme.

PR work

The expertise of the Gütegemeinschaft not only flows into quality assurance, but is also presented at industry events, trade fairs or in technical guidelines. To provide end consumers with specific information on the benefits of PVC windows, the Gütegemeinschaft cooperates with publishers to produce regular articles and technical inserts in high-circulation magazines for private developers. You can find out more about this under Publications and News. Press releases can be found here.

A network stretching across Germany and Europe

As a member of RAL Deutsches Institut für Gütesicherung und Kennzeichnung (RAL German Institute for Quality Assurance and Labelling), there is a close and regular national communication with the RAL quality associations for windows and front doors, locks & fittings and insulating glass units.

At European level, the Gütegemeinschaft Kunststoff-Fensterprofilsysteme collaborates closely with European product certifying bodies such as the French Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment (CSTB) and the Dutch KOMO system. Similarly, the Gütegemeinschaft also consults regularly with the umbrella association, the European PVC Window Profile and related Building Products Association (EPPA). The Gütegemeinschaft is a member of this organisation. Click here for a list of our entire network.

Information about projects and activities can be found under News.