How do I become a member?

If you are interested, just ask the office to send you the form for joining the Gütegemeinschaft (by email to info(at) or by telephone). Once completed, sign and send the form back.

According to its statutes, the Gütegemeinschaft Kunststoff-Fensterprofilsysteme offers two forms of membership:

  • Manufacturers of PVC profile systems can be regular members of the Gütegemeinschaft. They have voting rights, take part in quality assurance and can receive the RAL quality mark in accordance with RAL-GZ 716.
  • Companies along the value chain and any association or entity that represents the business and official bodies and has a legitimate interest in quality assurance can be an supporting member. This applies, for instance, for manufacturers of system components (profiles, film, adhesives, gaskets, raw materials) who wish to apply for approval for their products in accordance with the Technical Appendix to RAL-GZ 716. Supporting members can acquire regular membership and voting rights on request and if they have a legitimate interest in quality assurance.


The benefits of membership of the Gütegemeinschaft

  • Acquisition of the quality mark based on the demonstrable achievement of quality requirements
  • Participation in the committees and involvement in drafting the quality requirements
  • The quality mark as special proof of suitability for continued use
  • Advertising for your products by a listing on our website
  • A platform giving you access to businesses in the industry
  • Exchange of ideas at the General Assembly meeting
  • Performance of projects and studies the results of which will be available to all members (VOC study, EPDs, etc.)
  • Involvement in drafting technical guidelines on issues of practical relevance
  • Collaboration in European standardisation work
  • Access to European partners and issues through membership of the EPPA
  • Cooperation with other national certifying bodies, e.g. CSTB/FR and KIWA/NL


For more about the rights and obligations of members, please refer to our articles of association.