Salamander Window & Door Systems

A story of success, characterised by quality and innovation.*

Salamander Industrie-Produkte GmbH is a company with an impressive history in the manufacture of high-quality, design-oriented window and door systems - and a track record of sustainable innovation. Founded more than 100 years ago in the Bavarian town of Türkheim, Salamander has developed into a leading global supplier with products that are not only energy-efficient but also customisable. The company employs around 1,550 people at various locations, including 40 apprentices. Together they shape the future of the company.

Traditional brand with modern aspirations

For Salamander, the window is not simply a technical product, but a key to individual living quality. Here, the company relies on genuine materiality to emphasise the character of a building and create a fascinating atmosphere through targeted breaks in style. Salamander offers an impressive variety of colours, materials and design surfaces that can be experienced.

Surfaces that can be experienced with realMaterial

realMaterial and the Salamander greenEvolution modular system make it possible to integrate real and tangible materials into the design of windows and doors. They are applied to the profile by means of a laminating process. In contrast to conventional decorative surfaces, Salamander relies on surfaces made of aluminium with a brushed stainless steel look and, more recently, copper. Untreated, it darkens over time, creating a natural patina that can be deliberately used as a stylistic element to add unique character to a building. With its copper design surface, Salamander is a global pioneer.

Sustainability in a new dimension

Salamander sets standards in the production of high-quality window and door systems and in sustainability. More than just a buzzword, sustainability and ecological responsibility run like a thread through the entire company and manifest themselves in products that meet the highest quality standards. It is lived in harmony with design and is a creative impulse that permeates the entire design concept and opens up a new dimension in the industry.

How exactly sustainability, design and economy are in harmony at Salamander can be experienced by all customers through a (digital) guided tour in the "myWindow_Experience" showroom.


--- *The company itself is responsible for the correctness of the contents.

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