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71. Glaswelt report: Preventing heat damage to PVC windows  
In its online edition, Glaswelt reports on how to prevent heat damage to PVC windows, especially dark ones – a topic the GKFP addresses in its technical guide.  
72. TechnologieForumZukunft  
Registered users can access the keynote lectures via the login. To the chat questions and answers from the experts Learn more about the participating GKFP member companies here. To the…  
73. TechnologieForumZukunft_Welding_processes_30.09.2021_Chat_questions___answers_EN_final.pdf  
TechnologieForumZukunft "Modern Welding Processes" | 30 September 2021: Chat questions and answers Is it possible to estimate how high the share of seamless welding is now in the industry in Germany?…  
74. Haogenplast  
Quality-assured films Haogenplast Ltd. More information to manufacturer  
75. Press  
76. Press follow-up reports on the TechnologieForumZukunft "Welding Processes" online  
The TechnologieForumZukunft was hosted by GKFP Managing Director Gerald Feigenbutz (r.) and Public Relations Officer Claudia Könsgen. Read about the press response to the GKFP conference here.  
78. Members  
79. GKFP online event "Modern Welding Processes" now available with English subtitle  
The TechnologieForumZukunft took place for the second time on 30 September 2021.  
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