Admitted components

What is a listed component?

The requirements for components are laid down in the Technical Appendices Section I and II to RAL-GZ 716.

According to the General Quality- and Test requirements (QTR) RAL-GZ 716 (April 2013), clause “1-1”:

The quality mark user is obliged to use only upstream products (i.e. system components) for their quality-assured plastic window systems that comply with the Technical Appendices to the General QTR “System Description and Suitability Testing for Plastic Window Profile Systems” in conjunction with the relevant Special QTR.

The following diagram shall demonstrate the link:

Membership of manufacturers and certification of components

Manufacturers of components are integrated into the quality association (Gütegemeinschaft Kunststoff-Fensterprofilsysteme e.V.) as supporting members (see the articles of the Gütegemeinschaft, clause 3.2.1). For any manufacturer it is possible to become a supporting member of the quality association. The membership must be applied at the Gütegemeinschaft.

To prove that a particular product confirms to the quality- and test requirements in the Technical Appendices Section I or II, a test has to be performed at a testing institute, which is designated by the Gütegemeinschaft.

Exclusively supporting members of the Gütegemeinschaft will receive a proof of confirmation to a Technical Appendix / a certification by the Gütegemeinschaft, after positive test reports have been presented. This proof can be done by listing the component on the website of the Gütegemeinschaft.

Besides certification by the Gütegemeinschaft, every manufacturer has the right to get a proof of confirmation between a product and a particular part of a Technical Appendix by any testing institute. This approach will anyhow not result in a certification/listing by the Gütegemeinschaft.


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