bauelemente bau article published: GKFP invites to the 3rd TechnologieForumZukunft

This month the trade press namely BauelementeBau reported on our webinar “Surface quality of PVC window profiles” that took place on September 29 as 3rd edition of our online platform for PVC window technology.

Gerald Feigenbutz and Claudia Könsgen welcomed the audience from our host system provider aluplast GmbH in Karlsruhe. Besides watching, the digitally participating audience had also the opportunity to chat with the speakers with both questions and comments.

Surface finish solution

In a combination of keynote speeches, video clips, a panel debate and Q&As, the third TechnologieForumZukunft focused on the various surface technologies of PVC windows, such as colour design, appearance, quality, trends and quality assurance requirements. In the panel discussion, experts handled various topics such as care and maintenance, cleaning, heat absorption reduction and film repair.

Keynote speeches and panel discussion - from quality assurance to design trends and colours

In the first keynote presentation, Saskia Aschenbach (Rehau Industries) spoke about quality-assured colouring technologies, such as lamination, lacquering, aluminium facing sheets as well as coextrusion in combination with PMMA and the repair of decorative film damage. Michael Janning (celotec GmbH) gave concrete details of quality assurance for decorative foils, taking into account weathering techniques and heat absorption tests (measurable with TSR value). 
The second lecture, given by Isabel Carlos and Andreas Grüb (Continental), focused on colour and design trends. Beside the prevailing white minimalism, wood-look surfaces, matt and glossy black, earth and green tones become increasingly fashionable.
Both lectures were deepened through a video clip explaining the various surface technologies. A further highlight aiming to better understand customer´s expectations was settled by a survey of both property owners and consumers on the question, which surface they would prefer and what are the reasons for.

Their answers served as input in the panel discussion between system providers (Schüco Polymer Technologies, Renolit), film manufacturers, end users, architects (Institute for Building with Plastics) as well as representatives from window construction (TMP Fenster + Türen) and the property owners. Major topics of the discussion turned around colour, film repair, cleaning and the heat build-up. The experts concluded that consumers still make too little use of the possibilities the various design and colour technologies offer. For example, property owners mentioned to use commonly white windows particularly for cost reasons, however, in case of high-quality segments, the trend is towards the colour grey. To promote the colour trend, manufacturers mainly exhibit coloured windows at trade fairs which often are not accessible for end users.

The fourth TechnologieForumZukunft is planned for 2nd half of 2023 and dedicated to the cleaning of PVC windows, particularly to correct cleaning and suitable cleaning agents.

The lectures of the TechnologieForumZukunft are available online on Youtube at:

Read the entire report in bauelemente bau (11/2022) here (PDF / German).