Glaswelt report: Preventing heat damage to PVC windows

In its online edition, Glaswelt reports on how to prevent heat damage to PVC windows, especially dark ones – a topic the GKFP addresses in its technical guide.

In his article, master glazier and expert Jürgen Sieber reports on the possible reasons for warpage and deflection of profiles and, above all, how to prevent it from happening in the first place. Correct planning is essential here.

For this purpose, the author also consults our technical guide to the planning and use of coloured PVC profiles. According to this, for critical installation positions of windows and doors, timely consultation with the system provider is necessary. The use of profiles with coloured surfaces in such installation situations requires special planning. The connection areas must be selected in such a way that no additional heat is introduced into the construction. Click here for the Glaswelt article (German).

The GKFP paper, which has been updated in the meantime, contains, among other things, interesting information on the choice of colour and the place of use, and deals with the special features of storage and transport of coloured profiles. The latest version of our technical guide can be found under publications.