Technical Appendix July 2020 Edition Published

The technical appendix to RAL-GZ 716 is still fresh off the press. The edited paper will be available as a PDF file starting 10 July 2020. It is available in German and English. We would like to say a big thank you to the work group employees who worked on it. What’s new?

The major additions/changes to the content affect the following areas:

  • Appendix A, “Window and Door Profiles Made of PVC-U” has been reworked and the testing guidelines edited.  The changes made have mainly involved additions and modifications of the testing procedure for thermal stability, VICAT heat distortion temperature, and heat absorption of coloured surfaces.
  • Film laminating surface finishing directly on the recycled materials was not included in the quality assurance process (Appendix A).
  • As far as indirect quality assurance is concerned (extended work bench), it was determined that the system houses would take over outside monitoring. This occurred with the connector, reinforcement, and gasket profile components in Appendices G, H, and J.
  • The approval and labelling categories for PVC-P and TPE sealing materials used by both the CSTB and GKFP were included.

A summary of the main changes of the Technical Appendix is provided in this paper.

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